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CyNtell provides turnkey Cyber Security solutions to small and medium sized financial advisory firms.

Cyber Security Program Management

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Financial firms are high profile targets of criminals and malicious actors. Firms need reliable, responsible and consistent support solutions to identify and mitigate threats, vulnerabilities, and potential attacks. 

CyNtell will designate a Cyber Security Specialist to be your firm’s adjunct/virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) who directly manages all the aspects of your firm’s Cyber Security program.

CyNtell Cyber Security Program Management takes the burden and responsibility for an effective Cyber Security program off of your shoulders so you can focus on client services and growing your business.

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We understand the unique needs of these firms who deal with sensitive and valuable data; and we support them with data protection policy development, risk assessments, security evaluations, phishing & social engineering prevention, mitigation planning, incident response planning and handling, Business Continuity Planning (BCP) analysis, and awareness training.

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