“Giving your PC a FreshStart is better than purchasing a new one and a fraction of the cost”

In June of 2019, CyNtell signed an exclusive agreement with Baltimore based security software company CyberSpa LLC to deliver their new “FreshStart” PC security and performance solution to federal government market customers. FreshStart is currently being used nationwide in the consumer and the small business community.

CyNtell and CyberSpa have partnered to develop a FreshStart service solution that makes this game-changing technology available to Windows PC users, whether government, business or consumer all face the same issues:

Windows PCs degrade in performance an average of 25% a year. This is due to malware, viruses, inadvertent downloads, bloatware and most importantly the electro-mechanical hard drive wearing out.



Solid-State Drives vs Mechanical

These hard drives have an average life span of 3 to 5 years, while the rest of the PC is built to last 10 years or more.

Upgrading a current Windows PC with a now more reliable Solid-State Drive has traditionally been a very costly and time-consuming process, leading PC owners to end up buying a new PC prematurely due to the failure and collective software issues resident on this one PC component, the hard disk drive.






A PC FreshStart addresses all the issues traditionally associated with upgrading or replacing a Windows PC. The benefits to a PC FreshStart are:


Security and Data Privacy
A FreshStart service performed onsite is fully automated and performed offline so there is no data exposure.
Cost Savings
An onsite FreshStart service is a fraction of the cost of replacing a business PC.
A FreshStarted PC with a newly installed SSD delivers as good if not better than new PC performance
FreshStart eliminates productivity losses associated with transitioning to a new PC while delivering speed increases of 10X or better.
Extended PC Lifespan
A FreshStart service can literally double the effective life span of a Windows PC.
Green Impact
Doubling the lifespan of your PCs will help reduce by 50% the impact of PC related E-waste.


Windows 7 End of Life

Microsoft will be ending support for Windows 7 in January of 2020. Many if not most 3 or more-year-old PCs in use today are still running Windows 7. This means no further security support or updates making these machines vulnerable to attack.

Give Your Machines A FreshStart

To learn more about how we can help your organization increase your PCs performance, security, and longevity, while reducing your lifecycle PC cost of ownership, contact freshpc@CyNtell.com or schedule a time for service below.


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