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Artificial Intelligence Powered Attacks on The Rise!
Cyber crime is extremely detrimental to organizations, with serious implications to the future of the business. The effects can be longer lasting than anyone could ever expect. A study by Cybersecurity Ventures predicts these crimes will cost the world $6 Trillion a year by 2021. Read More
Watch Out Wednesdays: Vulnerabilities & Attacks
No threat facing businesses and individuals has grown quite like that of cyber threats. They appear in all forms, from phishing emails to exploited vulnerabilities in software. Starting July 2020, this “Watch Out Wednesdays” blog will be updated weekly to include the latest vulnerabilities and large-scale hacks that you should Watch Out for. Read More
Indicators of Attack vs. Indicators of Compromise
Indicators of Attack and Indicators of Compromise are two important elements of a cyber-attack. Understanding these key elements can help you ensure that your organization’s cyber security policies and procedures are optimised to identify an attack before it even begins. Indicators of Attack vs. Read More
What is a vCISO?
You may be familiar with the term CISO (Chief Information Security Officer), but if you’re reading this, you’re probably not the most familiar with a vCISO or virtual CISO. Read More
Data Breaches: Are You Protected?
The year is 2020 and the internet as we know it has been around for roughly 30 years. (No, we aren’t counting ARPANET) As the internet continues to expand and evolve, so do the threats. In 2019, according to, there were roughly 80 reported data breaches/cyber-attacks each month. Read More
Privacy versus Security
Privacy and security are rapidly converging especially in the realm of compliance. A comprehensive program for information security management and planning must include privacy concerns and meet such confidentiality objectives. The two disciplines become “siloed” when information security is regarded as an IT issue and privacy as a legal issue. Read More
Global Ransomware Cyber-Attack
Cyber Security Requires Policy and Program Part 1 – Thwarting the Global Ransomware Attack Threat Made Simple The recent global cyber-attack has raised our collective awareness that having a Cyber Security policy is not the same as having a Cyber Security program. Read More