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NYDFS Cybersecurity Regulation (NYCRR 500) was released in early 2017 with a full compliance date in 2019. The regulation contained 4 distinct phases giving organizations time to adopt and implement policies, procedures, and controls that meet the standards of the new law.

The objective of the new law was to combat the increase of cyber attacks and ever-growing threats to financial institutions that operate in New York State.
Now that all four phases have been completed it is important to make sure that organizations understand fully how they will be held compliant.

Entities that must comply with the New York State Department of Financial Services NYCRR 500 standard are required to enforce and cyber security plan. This cyber security plan must adhere to the conditions set forth by the NYCRR 500 standards or utilize a plan maintained by an affiliated entity that meets the criteria of NYCRR 500. Covered entities must have an annual compliance audit formally submitted to NYDFS by the published deadline.

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