NIST NOAA DoC Campus Technology Day at Boulder Labs

Some of the worlds top, groundbreaking science is happening in the Rocky Mountains foothills. There, Boulder Labs scientists seek ways to better engineer and research electromagnetics, materials reliability, optoelectronics, quantum electronics and physics, time and frequency, earth systems, weather, and telecommunication. Could your product or service improve their investigations? Streamline or protect their data? Make their results clearer? Hasten their breakthroughs? Put your company in front of the NIST, NOAA and NTIA employees who operate these scientific laboratories. Last years strong 150-person attendance included engineers, IT managers and specialists, IT security officers and leads, researchers, scientists and chief scientists, software developers and engineers, network engineers, and system admins. Hosted by the Boulder Laboratories Employee Association (BLEA), this event encourages employees (full and part time) and contractors of NIST, NOAA, ERL, MASC, NDGC, NTIA and ITS to participate.

The event is finished.

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12:00 am - 12:00 am