Multi Agency Day at LEnfant Plaza

FBC is excited to announce the Multi-Agency Technology and Vendor Expo at LEnfant Plaza! Hundreds of employees from FAA, USPS, NTSB, HUD, and the Department of Energy will all be in attendance. This is a multi-agency event and, while each agency has a different mission, all are related by their civilian agency status. Ideally located between the National Mall and the Southwest Waterfront, L’Enfant Plaza is located within five blocks of 19 major federal agencies, making it effortless to do business in Washington. This event located within the L’Enfant Metro Stop Mall, and is easily accessible to the agencies that receive promotions for the expo. This new space is part of the community gathering place for agencies housed at LEnfant Plaza, and provides a unique environment and atmosphere for both attendees and exhibitors. Why should your company attend? Agencies are looking for capability providers who can help them with their IT and technology needs. The “Club Room” is just off of the main hallway within the mall. Free lunch tickets will be provided for the first 100 attendees that participate. This event will be promoted to the FAA, NTSB, HUD, Department of Energy, USPS, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, DHS and others. Potential attendees include CIOs, CISOs, Program Managers, and Procurement Personnel.

The event is finished.