Library of Congress Cyber Expo

Get in front of an exclusive federal audience: our countrys largest and oldest library. Serving as a research arm of Congress, the Library of Congress (LOC) is responsible for supporting our government in fulfilling its constitutional research duties, and therefore needs high caliber IT and cyber capabilities to ensure the protection of the millions of books, manuscripts, photographs and other documents in its collections. A perfect event for cyber and IT companies, the Library of Congress Cybersecurity Awareness Expo (held during national Cybersecurity Awareness Month) is an important part of the LOCs internal education plan and efforts to engage private industry. Attendees all come from the 3-building LOC complex (which includes the Law Library and Copyright Office), where the internal promotion is excellent. This event will also be promoted widely to the adjacent House and Senate buildings. Why would such busy legislators attend? Because lawmakers are starting to see their own need for training. House representatives Kathleen Rice and John Katko introduced the Congressional Cybersecurity Training Resolution, requiring House employees to undergo cyber training. For more details, read this story from The Hill, which cites Washington Cyber Roundtable Executive Director Barbara George saying, “Cyber awareness within the institution must be all-inclusive….” Few opportunities exist to get facetime with this important group. Don’t miss this one! Expect a wide audience of attendees who manage our nations document collection, including program managers, CISO personnel, technology officers and end users. The expo is held in the Mumford Room on the 6th floor of the main library, which is an excellent and centralized venue where LOC employees can network with participating exhibitors. Register today!

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12:00 am - 12:00 am

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