Department of State IT Vendor Day

This event is a one-day tabletop exposition being held on-site at the Main State Department Exhibit Hall located in Washington, DC. We will have the exposition set up in the Exhibit Hall and attendees from the Bureau of Information Resource Management (IRM) and other departments will attend. Why You Should Participate: This audience is difficult to reach and the ongoing concept is to provide a forum where State Department personnel can evaluate new technologies, as well as company capabilities within an organized exposition. Employees will be encouraged to meet with industry exhibitors throughout the day to learn about their products and services and to exchange ideas. The vendor space is limited and normally fills up quickly, so contact your FBC representative as soon as possible to secure your space. STATE DEPARTMENT IT STRATEGIC GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: INNOVATIVE DIPLOMACY GOAL 1: Deliver Advanced Capabilities to Foster Collaboration, Knowledge Management and Analytics Technological advances in today’s digital IT environment offer an almost borderless arena for collaboration, knowledge management, data analysis and innovation. We will continue to deliver tools to engage our foreign partners and to connect people to the knowledge and information they need when they need it in support of foreign policy and operations. GLOBAL IT INFRASTRUCTURE GOAL 2: Provide a Robust and Secure IT Infrastructure that Supports On-Demand Access to Information The global workforce depends on a modernized, secure and scalable IT infrastructure to accomplish their mission. The IT infrastructure must be secure, resilient and meet worldwide conditions for on-demand access. It must protect our information and IT assets against increasing cyber threats and vulnerabilities yet simultaneously support new IT solutions that provide access to collaborative tools and enable mobility. IT BUSINESS MANAGEMENT GOAL 3: Advance Business Management Practices to Transform Service Delivery The Department is committed to delivering world class IT customer services through effective business management processes and procedures and a high-caliber IT workforce. We will enhance our business service offering and capabilities through collaborative and cooperative partnerships within the Department, and will transform our business model to adapt to evolving requirements in IT management and service delivery.

The event is finished.

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12:00 am - 12:00 am