Army Tactical SIGINT Expo at NSA

The Army Tactical SIGINT Conference expects approximately 500 attendees. This group, hosted by the Army Technical Control and Analysis Element (ATCAE) – will convene to discuss future technologies in Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), focusing on applications for the actual users in the field, i.e. our soldiers. There are few opportunities to get in front of this valuable SIGINT audience. This is your chance. The Army SIGINT Expo at NSA will be held for two days during the conference. Most attendees will be Army personnel from outside of the NSA complex. FBC will work with NSA to invite all NSA personnel and contractors to the expo, as well. Unlike a lot of other symposiums and conference-style events, exhibit time has specifically been built into the agenda to allow all attendees the opportunity to view new technology applications at the expo. Capability providers will be in the R&E Building 1st Floor Main Corridor, which is located immediately below the Auditorium, where conference sessions will be held. Dont miss out! About the Army Technical Control and Analysis Element (ATCAE) ATCAE provides strategic signals intelligence (SIGINT) support to the NSA in direct support of the strategic intelligence and EW requirements of the U.S. Army.

The event is finished.



12:00 am - 12:00 am